Lipid Clinic


Illinois Heart and Vascular is pleased to offer our patients the opportunity to have their cholesterol tests completed at all of our offices. This clinic visit is with a nurse who has received specialized training in lipid management and who works closely with a cardiologist. Our goal is to help reduce the chance of developing coronary artery disease or minimize the further progression of coronary artery disease.

During a lipid visit a patient's cholesterol test is completed with a small blood sample taken from the finger. The results of the test are reviewed prior to the patient leaving the clinic. The visit allows time to review the cholesterol test, the current cholesterol medication, and to determine if adjustments are needed in medication and lifestyle. Cholesterol level goals are determined based on the National Cholesterol Education Program Standards

A lipid clinic visit will include:

  • Review of current cardiac history and/or cardiac risk factors, based on the National Cholesterol Education Program standards
  • An explanation of the cholesterol lab results and a determination of cholesterol lab goals
  • A review of current lifestyle habits, in regard to exercise, diet, and weight management
  • An opportunity to determine, with the nurse a personalized plan to develop a heart healthy lifestyle
  • A follow-up plan to assess the success of medication and lifestyle changes

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