Coumadin Clinic


Illinois Heart and Vascular patients have the opportunity to have their Coumadin (warfarin) therapy monitored at any IHAV office. Patients are phoned with their PT/INR results and dose instructions the day lab results are received. In-office PT/INR testing is also available.

Each visit includes:

  • One on one consultation with a Registered Nurse
  • Finger stick PT/INR blood testing with results in thirty seconds
  • Written dose instructions
  • Free teaching materials and pill boxes

All RN notes and INR results are entered into a database that can generate patient and physician reports that include:

  • Indication for anticoagulation therapy
  • INR therapeutic goal
  • INR graph
  • Past and current Coumadin dose
  • Clinic statistics are tracked, including percentage of patients in/out of therapeutic range and thrombotic/hemorrhagic events

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