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Presentation Title Presenter Year Online Sides Adobe PDF
Carotid Artery Disease Thomas Levin, MD 2000 View  
Lipid Lowering Therapy Jerome Hines, MD 2000 View  
Women and Heart Disease Karen Lambert, MD 2000 View  
Pregnancy and Heart Disease Duane Follman, MD 2001 View  
Heart Failure Gary Gibbs, MD 2001 View  
Risk Factor Assessment Thomas Levin, MD 2001 View  
Pericardial Diseases Thomas Levin, MD 2002 View  
MI Management Duane Follman, MD 2002 Coming Soon Coming Soon
ACS I and II Ian Cohen, MD 2003 View  
Mitral Regurgitation Thomas Levin, MD 2003 Coming Soon Coming Soon
PFO/ASD Closure Daniel Krauss, MD 2004 Coming Soon Coming Soon
Women and Heart Disease Lubna Piracha, DO 2004 View  
Newly Detected Atrial Fibrillation Edgar Carell, MD 2004   View (310 kb)
Palpitations Dan Krauss, MD 2004   View (900 kb)
Your Health Heart Jerome Hines, MD 2005   View (1.9 MB)
Women and Heart Disease Dan Krauss, MD 2005 Coming Soon Coming Soon
ACC 2005 Highlights Dan Krauss, MD 2005 Coming Soon Coming Soon
Multi-Detector CT Coronary Angiography Edgar Carell, MD 2006   View (860 kb)
Stess Testing Lubna Piracha, DO 2006 Coming Soon Coming Soon

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