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For Employment Opportunities
If you are interested in working for IHAV, please send your resume to Nancy Mueller at
Or contact one of the offices listed under our locations page to speak to the office manager.

For Billing Inquiries- Please call 630-972-8200

For Reporters or News Media
The physicians at Illinois Heart and Vascular would like to work with you to educate your readers, viewers and listeners about the importance of proper eating and exercise while, at the same time, informing them about the latest in medications and technology now available to enable all of us to decrease our risk for cardiovascular disease and lead healthier, more productive lives.

Looking for a local angle to a national story on heart disease? We can help! Among the many potential news topics for which Illinois Heart and Vascular can provide expert physician interviews, patient profiles and photo/video opportunities are:

  • Heart Disease Prevention - What You Can Do About It
  • Brain Attacks: Diagnosing, Treating & Preventing Strokes
  • Understanding Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • How Family History Can Predict Heart Disease
  • Do Women Underestimate Heart Disease Risk?
  • New Heart Imaging- The use of CT Scanning in the diagnosis of Heart and Peripheral Vascular Disease

We hope consider us as a valuable resource for interviews and background information as any news of cardiovascular disease crosses your desk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

Cyndy Johnstone
Director of Business Development
Cardiovascular Managment of Illinois

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